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    The Nepal Health Research Council is a national apical body responsible for providing scientific study and quality health research in the country with the highest level of ethical standards. It started as a Nepal Health Research Committee under the Ministry of Health, chaired by the Secretary of Health in 1982 AD (BS 2039). On 11…
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    Functions Conduct research in the various fields relating to health within the Nepal aligning with the health priorities identified in the National Health Policy of the Government of Nepal. Provide a specific policy direction for the regulation, promotion, implementation, management and utilization of health research in Nepal. Define health research need and set research priorities…
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    Principal Activities of the Councils: Screening, reviewing and approval of research proposals. Providing technical guidance and possible support including services for scientists, researchers. Conducting training workshops in Health Systems Research Methodology, Research Management and other fields of research. Providing e-mail, photocopying and Med-line search facilities and other information for researchers for a free. Monitoring and…
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    NHRC Board The activities of NHRC are governed by the Nepal Health Research Council Act 1991, and guided by the NHRC executive board. The board of directors is composed of thirteen members including nominations from the Government of Nepal and institutional representations. The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Member Secretary, and five members are nominated by the Government of…
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    About the Journal The Journal of the Nepal Health Research Council (JNHRC) is an official, peer-reviewed, biomedical journal of the NHRC. The journal has been published since 2002, and since 2012 it is being published trimesterly. The journal publishes articles related to research conducted in the field of biomedical sciences including medical science, public health…
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    About Ethical Approval The NHRC was established to promote responsible conduct of health research and as such is authorized to regulate all health related research conducted in Nepal. Through the ethics review process, research that is not scientifically and ethically sound will not be approved. The NHRC has developed the National Ethical Guidelines for Health…
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    MINISTRY/DEPARTMENT/DIVISION CENTRE Air Quality Monitoring Department of Drug Administration Department of Health Service Epidemiology and Disease Control Divison Ministry of Health National Centre for Aids and STD Control National Health Training Centre National Public Health Laboratory National Tuberculosis Centre NHEICC Social Health Security Development Committee ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Institute of…
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